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Stabilizing systems

Extended monopod

Taller Monopod Upgrade (157 cm total height) for Older FlowPods (137 cm). Price 59 EUR (included 21 % VAT) Read more »

Glidecam Body Pod

The Glidecam Body-pod is a lightweight, rigid support system which, when used with either the Glidecam 2000 Pro, or 4000Pro hand-held stabilizers, allows all the weight of the system to be supported by your body. The Body-pod allows you to… Read more »

Glidecam HD series

The amazingly advanced and totally re-engineered HD-Series from Glidecam Industries represents the top of the line in hand-held Camera Stabilization. The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam HD-1000, HD-2000 and HD-4000 hand-held Camera Stabilizers will transform your hard to watch, shaky camera… Read more »

Glidecam X-10

The GLIDECAM X-10 is a highly advanced, professional camera stabilization system designed for cameras weighing up to 2.7 kg when used with the Glidecam HD 2000 (2000Pro), or for Cameras weighing from 1.8 to 4.5 kg when used with the… Read more »

Glidecam XR series

Varizoom FlowPod

The FlowPod offers 3 tools in one: Monopod mode, Stabilizer Mode and Low Mode. With the FlowPod's built-in, patented monopod system, the operator can quickly collapse the monopod, return to stabilizer mode, and already be pre-balanced and ready to switch… Read more »

Varizoom Navigator

Varizoom Navigator + VZ FlowPod The ultimate vest/arm upgrade for FlowPod and Glidecam handheld stabilizers, the Navigator borrows heavily from our GT professional stabilizer system, utilizing the same vest and arm. Handheld stabilizers allow shooters to get beautiful, fluid images… Read more »

VZ Belt

The VariZoom VZ-Belt is a waist belt support holster for use with the FlowPod Stabilizer System. It is especially ideal for use with the FlowPod Extension, where the extension keeps the camera feet above the operator, providing an "overhead shot"… Read more »

VZ Flow Pod extra weight

This extra weight kit will enable you to properly balance your XL-1, XL-1s, or other cameras over 5 lbs. Included are 4 standard FlowPod counterweights and 1 special counterweight for the XL-1/XL-1s to balance out the front-heavy weight distribution. Price… Read more »



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